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Kramble Remote Controlled Electric over Hydraulic Valve Kits

Increase the efficiency and safety of your machinery by adding a Kramble Electric over Hydraulic Radio Control System to your Extendable Swing Auger. No need to walk from the truck to the auger to make adjustments, simply use the hand held remote.

Attach this onto your existing Hydraulic Mover System and have the ease of an electric remote.



Electric Over Hydraulic Remote Control System

SKU: 72013
Excluding Sales Tax
  • · Installs in one hour

    · Fits all makes and sizes of extending swing augers

    · Remote control

    ·       Extend/Retract

    ·       Tilt up/down

    ·       Swing

    · Disengage in seconds with no tools required to use levers manually.

    · Powerful 2.4GHz radio with a 4000 ft range.

    · 12VDC electrical system.

    · Systems also available for tractor PTO & throttle, baggers, etc.


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