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Remote control for your Swing Auger for all sizes from 10 to 16 inch tubes.  Its powerful electric motor moves the auger even without your tractor running.  Add optional equipment including: electric winch to raise and lower the swing for transport, or an LED light.  All optional equipment is also remote controlled. 

Advantages of our system are: Powerful electric worm gear drive supplying over 10.3 ft lbs of torque to the drive wheels; tube mounting of drive system keeps the drive wheels out from under the truck and any ruts your trucks and trailers may make.  Height adjustable wheel system ensures you are never caught with your hopper high centered under your truck or trailer. 

Purchase the system only or have us do the installation for you.

We also have remote controlled electric movers for swing conveyors.  See our Belt Mover. 

** When ordering installation on a web purchase please choose 'Store Pickup' for shipping option at checkout **

Swing Auger Movers

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