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Never climb another bin, never shear another drive pin.  The Kramble Full Bin Alarm will let you know when the bin is getting full.  Mount the wireless sensor to the end of your auger or conveyor spout.  Adjust the length of the hanger chain for so that you have room left in the bin to empty your auger once the alarm goes off.  When the bin is nearly full, the flow of grain will push the sensor sideways.  This sensor then sends a radio signal to the receiver and you will get an alarm light and a 87 Db siren. 

Wireless Full Bin Alarm

SKU: 40007
Excluding Sales Tax
    • 12V DC FM Receiver
    • Wireless Sensor Probe:
      Runs on two 1.5V Batteries
    • Bright LED Alarm Lights
    • 87 dB Audible Alarm
    • Universal Fit
    • Magnetic Backed Receiver
    • Simple to Install
    • Expandable – Multiple Sensors (up to 8)
      Can Transmit to a Single Receiver
    • 2.4GHz 4000ft Range Radio
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