Auger Electric Mover


  • Powerful Electric Drive
    • Goes over obstacles
    • Holds auger securely in position
  • No need to start motor
  • No messy hydraulics
  • Works great in cold weather
  • 300 ft range remote control
    • Move your auger from where you can see the bin hatch

Base Kit Includes:

  • Motor Drive Assemblies – We will need to know the axle size and shape of your auger
  • All Power Cables
  • Control Console
  • Remote Control Transmitter


  • Electric Winch
  • LED Lights
  • Digital Camera
  • Full Bin Sensor
  • Tail End Skid Plate


Download Straight Auger Mover Brochure Download Straight Auger Mover Manual


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**The Kramble Electric Auger Mover is Patent Pending in Canada and the USA
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